The official start of the Cannonball is from Daytona Beach, yes – the beach! All 98 competitors in 3 classes will accumulate points as they travel across the country in a 17 day trek from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. image Competitors have come from all over the world.  Japan,  Poland, Spain, UK and more!  The group with staff and support totals 265 people! image Some people are riding in teams and others are traveling solo.  The ride officially leaves from the beach after famous photographer Micheal Lichter gets his staged photos at 10 am. Class one bikes ( smallest and oldest) leave first, Then medium bikes and then the class 3 larger motorcycles.  No bikes newer than 1936 are allowed to compete and no support can help on the course between leave and check in time at 4pm. image Drama is sure to be a part of this historic ride! Motorcycle celebrities Pat and Cris Simmons (Doobie Brothers),  Scott Jacobs and his wife Sharon (painter),  Jeff Decker ( sculptures ie HD museum sculpter) and many others will be on the course. image Continue to watch for the inside scoop at Sign up for blog notifications and be the first to hear what is happening as it happens! Vicki Sanfelipo AKA “Spitfire”