A Groovy Ride with Lady Fred – Getting Ready for my 54th Bday Road Trip Most people have a day that they celebrate their bday, not me! For the past couple years I’ve treated myself to a two month birthday gift!  I jump on Lobo, pulling Wyatt, my tool box trailer, behind me as we live on the road traveling America! There is always so much to do to get ready and when you’re living on the road, you have to think about all kinds of weather too.  Space is very limited so being smart about what to bring along is important as well. Last year I was in Orlando, FL and my motorcycle GPS was not bringing me to the correct address.  The sun was almost to the tree tops and I needed to get to my destination before dark.  The roads didn’t have options to do any turn arounds.  They went for miles before you could hop on another road, and same situation. I found a road that split, one part going one way and the other part going a different way. There was a large enough area between the roads which had white painted lines on it for me to pull into.  A tour bus driver pulled up alongside me and said that he could not see me at all and that the sun had made me totally invisible. I was surprised by this considering I have several reflective stickers on the back of Wyatt to help people see us better.  But it occurred to me, it was still light enough out that headlights wouldn’t see me.  Wyatt is a silver box.  The sun was directly over the trees at it’s brightest.  I decided I needed to put some LED Lights on him to help him be more noticeable. I called Ron Evink, owner of M.C. Solushins www.mcsolushuns.com to see if he could install some LED Lights for me.  He had a set of lights that came off from a Goldwing sitting around and was able to mount three of them to the frame.  I’m hoping that the extra lights will help make us more noticeable in the day light hours too.  I also noticed the last time I pulled Wyatt, he had a leak and Ron was able to put some new weather stripping on for me.  I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, so I’m hoping the leak is taken care of. There is the never ending list of things to do: LED Lights and fix water leak on Wyatt, tires looked at and bearings packed. – Check Have Lobo looked over from tire to tire, oil changed and give him a bath..  He just rolled over 140,000 miles this month and I want to make sure he is running tip top.  He is an 05 Heritage Springer Softail and yes I put all the miles on him. =) We make an AWESOME team!  I always make sure I have an oil change before heading out on any trip as well.  I had just replaced his battery the month before but noticed I was having trouble keeping him running and starting. Turns out he was in need of a Stator, Regulator, Rotor Assembly and Front Tire. Check but his bath will have to happen another time. Exchange Cell Phone – Check. Make claim for cell phone case. – Check.  Hope the replacement arrives in time as it isn’t here yet and I leave tomorrow.  Will have to have it shipped to me if it doesn’t arrive. Order adaptor for cell phone case so headphones will work with it. – Didn’t get done. Waterproof tent – Didn’t get done. Will have to wait till I’m camping.  Always have my camping gear with me as I enjoy attending biker rallies too! Tye Dye Motor Maid Vest Lining – Check and what a LOT of fun I had doing that! Water proof riding gear – Didn’t get done.  Will have to do on the road. Renew Driver’s License and plates – Check Send out Biker Chicks clothing line shirts orders – Check Have hair colored, after all I want to look as beautiful as I can for my 54th Bday! – Check Put all Gas Reward cards in wallet – Check Rings repaired – Check Mail forwarded – Check.  I have a friend who will keep an eye on my mail to make sure I don’t miss anything important. Purchase new external hard drive for pictures.  Current external hard drive is almost full.  Don’t want to chance running out of room.  – Check. Lay out route – Well THAT has been a really big challenge this trip as it keeps changing as people’s schedules change.  Let’s say “On Going”. =) Doc appointment for needed medications – Check. Bring along in no special order: Clothes for any temps, this is always the part I have problems with.  After all I am a women and I DO enjoy not wearing the same thing all the time.  Only so much room so selecting what to bring has always been a challenge for me.  I am not a light packer! 😉 Palmolive, Fabric Softener and fabric ball that I like to use.  I wash with Palmolive and it also doubles as bike wash when I get the chance to wash Lobo. I prefer liquid fabric softener to dryer sheets.  I don’t buy laundry soap, haven’t in years Medications, Atlas, spare oil, camping gear, unfinished paper work, computer, spare electronics for charging all the different devices that I have. Spare riding boots and gloves. hand/feet warmers, sunscreen, travel camping cooler, Wyatt’s cooler packed with adult beverages, protein munchies, GPS, toilet paper.  Yup I bring spare along, nothing worse than not being able to take care of business when it needs to be taken care of. 😉 So as you can see, there is a lot to accomplish before just jumping on Lobo and pulling Wyatt along for the ride!  But I LOVE it!  I absolutely LOVE living on the road!!! I will be going to IN, IL, TN and AL on this adventure.  Staying with MANY friends along the way and hoping to meet up with some Motor Maid Sister’s this trip as well!  It is my goal to see the Cannonball Run come through Red Boiling Springs on Sept 8th at Cyclemos.  I will be celebrating my 54th Bday which on on Sept 12th and a FRIDAY with a dear friend who moved to Murfreesboro, TN.  I will be riding the Natchez Trace from TN to AL. Spending time with the Motorcycle Family MC in Sommerville, AL.  Riding the Trail of Tears ride from TN to AL on Sept 20th.  I did this ride in 09 and a Monsoon hit and rained it out.  It took me 3 hours to ride 30 miles it was that bad.  I dropped out as I was going to be camping once in AL.  I learned that the riverbank was raised by 1 foot.  The ride usually has 500,000 bikers on it, 3,000 made it to the end but all festivities had been cancelled.  Even tho I didn’t get to do much of that ride, the emotional was overwhelming that I had.  I have a deep respect for our Native Americans and wanted to honor them.  Even in that pouring down rain which was much like riding in a waterfall, there where Native American’s standing in the rain, holding signs that said, “The Cherokee Nation Thanks You”.  Tearing up as I type this.  As I was riding through the pounding rain, I thought how appropriately symbolic it was considering the amount of tears that must have been shed as our government forced them to walk across our Nation. I am looking forward to being able to ‘see’ it this time around!  There is a campground in AL that I want to check into, 29 Dreams, www.flounderwear.com/29dreams.  It’s a motorcycle campground.  I need to check into their season to see if they will be open in Oct.  From there, it’s up to the road!  I’ve found that I’ve meet people on my road trips and have gone on vacation with them too!  I’m VERY excited about this Road Trip.  Packing in the morning as there was just to much to fit in.  Hope to be on the road by 2:00 pm tomorrow.  Time to head out the door for my Early Bday and Hitting the Road Party that is going on tonight.  Many of my friends are coming out to help send me off.  Enjoy your night and I will do the same!!! Have a groovy one!  … Poof!