Product Review written for Countyline Publications and printed in Wisconsin and Illinois Biker Information Guidethird quarter 2010 by Amy Martin, Lake Shore Harley Davidson, Motorclothes Department The riding season can be short here in the Midwest but with help from Lake Shore Harley-Davidson you can keep riding until the first snowflake hits the ground. We carry Harley-Davidson’s line of heated jackets, vest, pants and gloves that allow you to extend your riding season. Harley-Davidson’s heated gear collection uses Nanowire and Microwire technology to keep you warm and toasty at below zero temperatures.  The Nanowire technology uses silvered fibers which are stitched into fabric and then waterproof sealed.  The Microwire technology uses hundreds of stainless steel wires to give you instant warmth throughout your body. To maximize the benefits of the Harley-Davidson’s heated gear you should try to keep the liners as close to your body as possible, without it actually touching your skin. You have the option of adjusting the temperature with a single or dual thermostat (thermostats are sold separately). The dual control thermostat regulates heat on two heated products independently.  Heated liners are designed to be worn under any functional outerwear including the option to zip the liner into Harley-Davidson’s FXRG riding jacket for ultimate performance. Heated clothing is compatible with all Harley-Davidson Motorcycle models; all you need to do is attach the power switch harness of the heated clothing to the battery of the motorcycle.  The power switch is an on/off switch that plugs between the connecting harness and the garment that is being worn.  For shorter trips, a dual-source heated vest for men and gloves for men and women that are battery operated are also available. All of Harley-Davidson’s heated elements are backed by a lifetime warranty. Whether you are touring through the canyons in the spring, saving gas by commuting to work or treading across the country, Harley-Davidson heated gear offers you longer riding time without the worry of hypothermia.  Come into Lake Shore Harley-Davidson and see a Motorclothes associate for more information.