Motorcycle R.A.G. is a Rider Activity Guide for Motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. We are committed to offering a comprehensive calendar resource to the motorcycle community identifying and informing our visitors and register site members.  Motorcycle Event sites are all over the internet.  We focus on providing current directories per state of events, clubs and organizations, roads, good places to eat and stay in friendly and welcoming grassroots communities and links and resources for national rallies.    

Our History: Since 2008 ORT Group has provided local runs and events information via Wisconsin and Illinois Biker Information Guide and the quarterly printed issue of Motorcycle R.A.G. was introduced and distributed in 2010.  Now exclusively online and providing a full calendar option for North America we look forward to launching a Mobile App in 2014 which will give mobile member of the site access to all the resources from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Visitors to Motorcycle R.A.G. website will have access to timely information about Motorcycle Runs and Events throughout North America and connections to Clubs and Organizations , Biker Friendly Churches and a categorized business lists of biker/rider owned businesses supporting the motorcycle community with their shops and services

It is an online resource for information on motorcycle adventures and destinations across North America.  Offering a Library and Archives to articles on riding safety, product reviews, travel destinations, motorcycle rights and charitable organizations in addition to the popular food and drink listings from the  “Roads And Grub” category and the ever expanding food and destination reviews.

We Welcome you to join our community and share in the exchange of experiences and information.

Ride Safe, Hard and Smart!


Stormin’ Norman and Irish

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