Feature Day Ride written for Countyline Publications and printed in Wisconsin and Illinois Biker Information Guide by Jennifer Knourek – @jnfr15 SUGGESTED STOPS  –  (1)- Dixon, Il, (2)- Messie’s, (3)- Blackhawk Statue, Lowden State Park (4)- Byron Station (5)- Sharkey’s, (6)- Dixon, Il. These scenic roads will get your motor running. Memorialized November 4th, 1970 to pay tribute to the U.S. armed forces, SR-2 follows the Rock River from Rock Falls to South Beloit.  The run winds through Sterling, Dixon, Grand Detour, Oregon, Byron, Rockford and Rockton Illinois. Quiet roads wind through towering pines, snake along the scenic Rock River. Ogle County is home to the region’s most recognizable landmark the Blackhawk Statue. This 50-foot tribute to Native Americans, gazes across the Rock River from its eastern bank, perched 125 feet above the waterway-(1).  Its a site to see from the west bank along SR-2 but to get a closer look from Dixon go north on SR-2, head east on Rt 64 in Oregon, IL., across Rock River then left on River Rd, stop by our friends at Messie’s on the corner -(2), for something to eat and drink then continue two miles up River Rd [CR-33] to Lowden State Park-(3). River Rd will continue to take you north along the scenic river to Byron.  Turn North (left) at SR-72 and check out Byron Station-(4), right on the North East corner of SR-2.  Head west and follow SR-2 south to [CR-31] west, into Mount Morris a right turn at SR-64 and your just a couple of blocks away from Sharky’s Sports Bar & Grill -(5), on North Wesley Ave.  Stop in and tell Mike Rossi that Biker Information Guide sent you! Four blocks west of Sharky’s you can jump on CR-35 and wind your way south picking up CR-38 then connecting with Rte 52 (south) to Dixon-(6), where you can pick up SR-2 just over the bridge and ride along the west bank of the river. The route laid out is 67.7 miles, give or take a distraction, and the distance from your home base.   This is a great day run! With great food and cold drinks along the way.