written for Countyline Publications and printed in Wisconsin and Illinois Biker Information Guide third quarter 2010 7 Motorcycles and over 45,000 square inches of red, white and blue fabric. The New Glory Flag Bike is a 2000 Harley-Davidson Low Rider. It is a stock bike that has been fully chromed. The bike has 27,000 miles and has won awards. Last year the bike was reviewed and autographed by Willie G. Davidson on the tank which was clear-coated after his signature of approval. Over 400 man hours were spent building the flag frame which houses 50 USA flags or 31,000 square inches of red, white and blue fabric. We also have a special pole to carry the flag of an event that we are attending. The New Glory Flag Bike is driven by Chris Hawver and is escorted by six Team members each carrying one 3×5 feet and two small USA Flags. Each escort bike carries 2,400 square inches of red, white and blue fabric. Team members are Bill Fischer, Boyd Uppman, Dave Neitzel, Duane Meyer, John Garley, and Tom Ask.  And just recently the team escorted the Diamond Posse (May 20-23) – from LaCrosse WI., across to Green Bay for LZ Lambeau for the Memorial Day weekend honoring Vietnam Veterans and then down to Milwaukee opening up Harley’s Women’s Event on May 22. The New Glory Flag Bike frame is constructed of steel, slugged at the corners and intersections, and connected with number 8 hardened bolts. All bolts are covered with Hot Toppers. The frame was designed so that a passenger can ride as well. When asked how fast can the New Glory Flag Bike travel, Chris replied with a sheepish grin, “On a calm day we can exceed freeway speed limits”. The New Glory Flag Bike Team has 10 sponsors. These sponsors provide the Team either materials or services. The Flag Bike Team does not accept financial donations. The Team has participated in parades, sporting events, charity functions, and military welcome-home and send-offs.  2010 is going to be a very active year for the Team, including national parades broadcasted on TV, a documentary filmed this May, sporting events, charity runs, military send-offs and welcome-homes, and national sporting events.
The "New Glory Flag Bike"

feature on the cover of Wisconsin and Illinois Biker Information Guide Summer 2010

The Team does not charge a fee for their appearance. The Team constructed the New Glory Flag Bike to re-ignite citizen’s pride in America. Their experience so far – children point and smile with glee, adults applaud, and veterans stand at attention and salute.    http://www.newgloryflagbike.org