written for Countyline Publications and printed in Wisconsin and Illinois Biker Information Guide– fourth quarter 2010 Every Harley owner likes to modify their bike and make it their own. Ken Reinert was no different. He wanted his own tunes – ’70s and ’80s classic rock – so he loaded his iPod Nano and hit the road. He quickly tired of the Velcro strip mounting his iPod to his windshield, so he began innovating a better mount. Reinert was in the unique position to do so, having spent his past 25 years engineering, designing and manufacturing aerospace and industrial seals. After several months of prototype trial and error, The Rider’s ClawTM was born.  The slogan? “Your ride…Your music.” In no time, his fellow Harley riders were requesting the mounts, and Reinert added an iTouch and iPhone version. Before he knew it, the Rider’s Claw quickly spun into its own business, including dealers all across the country.  2 1/2 years later, Harley riders throughout the U.S. and in 12 countries are sporting Rider’s Claws on their cruisers.    “We’ve added so many great testimonials and awesome gallery pictures to our web site; you just have to check them all out”. The Rider’s Claw is a tight, clean mount and looks like it “belongs on the bike”; consistent with H-D’s quality and appearance.  It allows easy access to your extensive iPod play list and is far less cumbersome than changing radio stations or CDs.  Available in both show quality CHROME and jet BLACK for a look that will compliment any ride. By popular demand we’ve also added a custom clamp set that will now allow many of the metric cruisers to mount the Rider’s Claw onto their rides as well.  Although this clamp is not required for a Harley mount, it can be used if desired. As much as the quality and innovation are critical to his product success, Reinert insists he’s in the customer service business. “If you dial our toll-free number, my cell phone rings. “Unless I’m out on a ride, I will always answer it, 24/7. We ship every Rider’s Claw on the day we receive the order.” As to future plans for Rider’s Claw, Reinert is adding the Cycle Sounds speaker systems and developing mounts to accommodate other phone styles such as the Droid Incredible and Droid X. “I believe if we continue to follow our business model of exceptional, customer-friendly service, made in the USA quality and fast delivery, the sky’s the limit.” For more information, please visit http://www.ridersclaw.com, call 877-876-CLAW (2529) or follow Rider’s Claw on FaceBook or Twitter: @ridersclaw