beeline-highwayIt’s summer and that means LONNNNNNGGGG Motorcycle Trips. With the holy mecca called Sturgis right around the corner, there are a few “must have” motorcycle accessories that can give you packing and comfort adds that might not break the bank! decorative-lines-thin Not everyone has permanent tour packs on their bikes so the alternative is either roll your gear and alligator strap it on or purchase a removable tour pack. The Wolffman Dry Duffle may be just the ticket for a long trip. wolfman_expedition_dry_duffel_bag_detailThis ultra tough pack with its roll top design will not only be easily mounted on your bike but has a carry handle for easy removal! Check the REVZILLA site to check this great alternative to permanent gear carry-alls. decorative-lines-thin Rain Gear can run you into the hundreds of greenbacks and there is nothing more important this add on the long hauls. You can purchase brand name gear with logos plastered on it or go the more non-descript route that offers functionality as well as easy packing. Looks like Revzilla is becoming a favorite “go to” site for all things travel. nelson_riggs_weatherpro_rain_suit_detailI like the Nelson Riggs Weatherpro on this page. Available in different colors, this might be an important gear item you want to look into! decorative-lines-thin On a recent trip to Anamosa our riders got caught in a torrential down pour with one couple sharing one set of rain gear. What to do in a situation when there is only one rain suit and two riders? Motorcycle Boot Covers for the passenger! You may get a little soaked on the top but with these boot covers, that pesky saturation of your pant legs is abated quite nicely! Rain Gear Bike BootsCheck out the assortment of boot covers at AMAZON. They are easy to put on and believe me you will pack this add all the time! decorative-lines-thin Let’s face it, our butts are the first to go when riding long distances. Anyone on a 500 mile plus trip can say this type of body fatigue is not only painful but can tire a rider out fast. Most motorcycle dealers offer a multitude of seat upgrades but even with a saddle improvement you need that extra tush cushion to keep you riding in comfort. We have all seen the typical cream covered sheepskins that drape the seats of many a rider’s dusty bike but we found BLACK!! sheepskin with that added gel insert! Black Sheepskin CoverThe Pro Pad Super Cruiser Sheepskin Gel Seat Pad is a god send to many a rider. This seat as well as many other alternatives is available at Leather-Up. Check out the site and explore the options. Your butt will thank you! decorative-lines-thin Finally let’s talk back support. Not every bike comes standard with a back support system and riders have to do a lot of in-motion stretching. How about a detachable back rest? J&P Cycles has a huge assortment of back rests to fit every rider’s aching back. Check out the Saddleman Driver Back Rest. sADDLEMAN dRIVERAffordable and easy to install this back rest might be exactly what you are looking for. The idea is to ride far and ride long so, think about one of these adds when you plan that 1,000 mile trip. decorative-lines-thin With thousands of products out in internet-land, it’s easy to find the perfect gear to make your long distance trip comfortable. Got a minute? Send me your long distant gear tips. Happy Travels Riders!