written for Countyline Publications and printed in Wisconsin and Illinois Biker Information Guide by: Karen Allen of Motorcycle Medicine, LLC www.motorcyclemedicine.com You’re riding down the road on a beautiful summer day, low 80s, no humidity, crisp blue sky above, your troubles left behind, at least that was your intention.  The mind has a tendency to interfere with fun and relaxation.  It likes to take up any free space in the head with incessant chatter about the past and future, rarely acknowledging, let alone appreciating, the present moment.  Eventually, you find yourself going to the next bar hoping a beer or two will drown out the noise.  You come home exhausted, feeling not quite as gratified from your “free” ride as you had hoped. You can put yourself in the driver’s seat of your own life; the power to ride it the way you want to actually lies in your own hands. You can regain control from your chattering mind.  As a certified Life Coach and passionate motorcyclist, I help new riders accelerate the riding experience and offer all motorcyclists tools for moving through any obstacles holding them back from a completely enjoyable ride.  By combining my coaching expertise and riding skills, I enable motorcyclists to traverse Life the way they navigate the open road. I began using the open road as a gateway to the Self the day I realized the end of my marriage was imminent.   In rediscovering elements of myself that were buried or covered up through motorcycling, I began sharing my experiences with others. Through Motorcycle Medicine, I utilize my talents, expertise, and Road Warrior wisdom to help others increase their awareness for what they do want in life, not what they don’t want, and offer the tools and guidance for creating the road map that will get them there. You are the creator of your own life experience. It’s up to you to decide how it is you want your life to be so you can begin the journey of making decisions from a place of self-acceptance, empowerment, and satisfaction. A motorcycle isn’t just for transportation and enjoyment, it’s the perfect tool for personal transformation.  The open road is an optimal environment for learning.  With the wind as your companion and nature as your guide, you can free your mind, discover your true Self, feed your soul, and make a deeper connection to all of Life. As a riding coach, I focus on helping individuals examine their thinking so they can change the thought and behavior patterns which no longer serve their true desires.  In using motorcycling as a catalyst for clearing the path ahead, individuals experience moving out of fear, dissatisfaction, or both, into relaxation and joy. Through guided explorations of both the natural landscape and one’s “innerscape”, I help individuals overcome their fears, unlock their passions and discover their true potential and desires.  By assisting others to fine-tune their direction and stay on course with their heart’s desires, riders gain the confidence and clarity to navigate their own way toward a joyful and fulfilling life while leaving their “excess baggage” on the pavement. I can help you bring the freedom and power you experience while riding back home and into your daily life.  You will start to see your life in a different way and become reconnected to your Self.  Your heart will lighten as you fall into the next grandest expression of who you truly are. There’s a wonderful frontier inside you that is well worth exploring; the road is as wide open as you want it to be.  Saddle up and begin to power your own ride through Life.