Safety Release from Massachusetts Motorcycle Association that effects riders everywhere. Harley Davidson has issued a recall for certain Chrome Hand Control Lever Kits, part number 3670053, intended for use on 2014 Sportster XL motorcycles. The reason is that affected kits may have excess chrome plating on the brake lever which could prevent the front brake master cylinder piston from fully returning. This could cause front brake pressure to not be fully released and may cause the front wheel to lock up, which could lead to a crash.decorative-lines-thin More information and details of the recall can be found here: —or this link— Harley Davidson is notifying owners of the affected levers and dealers will inspect and replace the them as necessary with no charge to the owner. Owners may contact Harley Davidson customer service at 1-800-258-2464 and reference recall number 0156. decorative-lines-thin   Are you a Monthly Subscriber to our “RAG E-News” newsletter?  Great!  Thank you and we hope you enjoy a monthly summary of our posts and information.  If you would like more timely notice of posts and articles become a member to our site and get updates to the site as they happen.  If you would like to know how let us know.

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