Indiana State – Motorcycle Operator Safety Education Program


If you have a club or organization in the state and would like to list it here with the link to your web site.  Please contact us with your request.

ABATE of Indiana, Region 2: ABATE (American Bikes Aimed Towards Education) of Indiana is a non-for-profit, safety, educational, charitable and advocacy motorcyclist organization. We aim to promote safety, protect rights and help others. Region 2 consists of the 7 northwest counties in Indiana: Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Jasper, Newton, Starke and Pulaski. American Vets.MC Riders Assoc. Indiana – AVMRA of Indiana is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping Veterans.  Donations of any kind are always gladly accepted on behalf of Veterans everywhere.  AVMRA is a 100% volunteer organization, which assures you that your generous donations go to help Veterans. BACA – Bikers Against Child Abuse International Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. We exist as a body of Bikers to empower children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live. We stand ready to lend support to our wounded friends by involving them with an established, united organization. Brotherhood of Bikers Central Indiana Chapter – Riding Club focused on charity and teaching true code of brotherhood. Brotherhood of Old Bikers Motorcycle Clan – We would like to welcome you to the Official Website of the Brotherhood Of Old Bikers Motorcycle Clan Founding/Mother Chapter. We are a bunch of fellows that are old school. Lets face it were just old. We do, however, try to blend that old school tradition with a 21st century biker lifestyle. CVMA – We are a group of combat veterans who ride together and work hard to help out other veterans. From helping spouses deal with deployments, to raising funds to help toys for tots, we work hard in the states we live to help Veterans and their families. Dragons Nashville Chapter – We are a motorcycle club in the Nashville, TN area made up of men and women who share a common bond. We ride a variety of types and brands of motorcycles. The Nashville Dragons are a chapter of the Dragons MC, founded in the early 1970’s in Lansing, MI. There are five other Dragon MC chapters located in Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL, Kokomo, IN, Lansing, MI, and Clarksville, TN. The Nashville chapter was founded in 2006 and we are still rapidly growing. We participate in club sponsored and local activities. We are family oriented and strive to maintain our sense of commitment to our community. Evangelists CM – We are radical clergy. We say and do things that may be questionable to some and still remain with in the guidelines of our master.  We are a CM (Christ Movement). We wear the 3 piece patch Colors, don’t wear a territory rocker. Representatives of the Kingdom and therefore NOTW (not of this world), We act as ambassadors of Gods Kingdom and wear the NOMAD patch signifying we are without boundary and yet claim no turf. Friends of the 1%. Freemasons Riding Club – The Freemasons Riding Club is an association founded and designed specifically to introduce motorcycling Freemasons to one another. We are comprised entirely of Freemasons with a love for freedom that is only found on two wheels – in the wind. We find our best place working in our communities and supporting various causes and charities, especially while riding with our Brothers.  We are not a gang or 1% club! As Freemasons, each of us strives to be an upright and law abiding member of the community at all times. We are active in our Lodges, dedicated to supporting the Widows and Orphans of our Brethren, and are always mindful to present a good impression of Bikers to the public when riding together. Gunfighters M/C – The Gunfighters MC is a group of active and retired Law Enforcement Officers who have joined together to celebrate our Brotherhood. We accept all cruisers but prefer Harley-Davidson motorcycles, party with supporting clubs and enjoy the brotherhood that has bonded us together. Some brothers are former members of the Wild Pigs MC,Celtic Law MC, Blue Knights, and have formed special bonds while working side by side at Ground Zero during the rescue / recovery detail of 9-11-01. We will always remain faithful to the oaths we have taken to uphold the law and serve the public. Although we come from different Law Enforcement Agencies, we are now all one and the same. We are Gunfighters MC In Country (Vietnam) M/C – We are a Motorcycle Club (MC) comprised of Vietnam Veterans. All Brothers have earned the Vietnam service ribbon. We are a dinosaur club. When the last member dies – so dies the patch Iron Order MC Indiana – We are a close-knit group of friends that have been riding together for about 5 years.  We all share” old school” beliefs and values… which quickly established a strong brotherhood.  Indiana chapter started in April 2005  Ride Safe… Ride free! Jerseypine Cruisers Motorcycle Touring Club –  Leathernecks MC Nation – We are a Military MC comprised of all US Marine Corp Veterans, riding to support all our troops and for the betterment of our community. Midwest M/ Northwest Indiana Southern Cruisers Riding Club – This is a group of motorcycle riders that are just looking to ride. What ever the brand you ride your welcome to join. We know there are more out there just like us looking for a safe group that welcomes rider of all skill level just looking to ride. If your starting, getting back into riding or have been on the open road your whole life. we would love to have you join us. No bar to bar riding with this group. We are part of one of the largest and best motorcycle riding clubs in the world. Older Bikers Riding Club – It’s all about riding, going to rallies and friendships. We don’t ride from bar to bar. Our policy is that we never drink and ride. We save the drinking for rallies where our bikes are parked for the night. As old school bikers, we promote the enjoyment of riding motorcycles, brotherhood, family responsibility, and respect for others as well as for ourselves. We do require that every chapter has at least ONE experienced old school biker, preferably an ex-patch holder that can help educate the newer riders on proper riding techniques as well as acceptable policies when dealing with current patch holders from MC’s they meet at rallies and other motorcycle events. Our goal is to gain the respect of citizens as well as other bikers, not only because of our age and wisdom, but also because of our respect for them. O.O.W.W. Motorcycle Club – We want to promote “Sisterhood” and accomplish positive things in our community so we can be the prime example of “Outstanding Women”. Our goals are to RIDE, have FUN and be POSITIVE female role models for our future young women. Pelican Cycle Club– The Pelicans Cycle Club is an Indiana based, non territorial “Mom & Pop” AMA sanctioned, one patch one back club devoted to brotherhood and the sport of long distance motorcycling. All brands over 650cc welcome. We are not a 1%er or “MC” however we respect all who came before us in the biker culture and follow club protocol. We are not a slap a patch RC or Internet club. We prospect our members who must complete an IBA 1K ride or better and receive a 100% yes vote to become full members. We earn our patch we don’t buy it. Pelicans CC is a member of the Indiana COC Purple Heart Riders  – We are an all combat wounded Veterans motorcycle association Wild at Heart Motorcycle Ministry – a Motorcycle Ministry based out of Bloomington, Indiana with members throughout the State of Indiana and continue to expand.         If you would like to see your organization on this list or if you would like more information about being in the guide as an advertiser, please contact us.   Your feedback and recommendations are always welcomed.  Ride Save, Strong, and Smart!!

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