Featured Bikes written for Countyline Publications and printed in Wisconsin and Illinois Biker Information Guidethird quarter 2011 Jennifer Knourek – If you like motorcycles you will enjoy visiting Morries’ Place at 5410 Austin Court in Ringwood IL.  It is like attending and indoor Vintage Bike Show right on the showroom floor.  You will find Nolans, Triumphs, BSA’s and a 1988 – 80 Shovelhead greets you as you enter the building.  For me personally seeing these bikes under one roof, brings to mind that the new bikes aren’t the only ones to be admired and desired.  “You’ve got to ride ‘em all at least once if you’re really going to have a favorite” a friend once told me. I guess that is what inspired this editorial on this local treasure house at Morrie’s Place and what will keep me going back. I want to know more about the vintage bikes, and I am going to ride one and own one someday. There is some cool history behind Morrie the original owner and a story done by Lori (Ed’s wife) and Buzz Walneck is posted on their web site at morriesplacecycle.com. Ed and his wife Lori bought the business in 1993 and three and a half years ago opened the new building at its new location where their primary goal is to “… keep old bikes on the road”. Ed is patient and happy to answer my questions and show me around the shop.  A friendly, down to earth guy and the shop offers a welcoming setting with bar stools up against the counter where I have often caught the visiting patron ponied up and having a chat with Ed.   I asked Ed if he ever does any clinics for his customers… he smiled and laughed and said, “everyday on the phone”. Motorcycles seem to be a family activity for the Zenders and the winter doesn’t slow them down.  Who says the Midwest has a short motorcycle season… “Studs on Ice” in Camp Lake, WI is one of the many snow racing events in the area and that is where you may find Ed and his family in the winter. I was curious with all these bikes available to him which one was his favourite… would you believe he didn’t have an answer for me!

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In his personal collection Ed has a 600cc Panther, a ‘41 Panhead, a ’74 Ducati and a 1948 Indian Chief (shown on the cover with a customer’s 1951 Vincent Touring Rapide).  But Ed insists he rides the one closest to the door on any given day and enjoys them all. There is a saying… “We don’t know what we don’t know” and I want to ride them all or at least learn more about them. So if you have a passion for vintage bikes or you’re just curious about them plan a visit to see Ed and his team at Morries’ Place!

Photos by Dan Kates www.shootersimages.com

If you can’t make it to the shop, Morrie’s Place will be a vendor at the Vintage Swap Meet in Davenport, IA over Labor Day weekend. Stop by and say hello! *a very special thank you to Don Kates from Shooters Images for helping me with the photos for the cover and this feature!