Getting to know Lady Fred is the first of a regular feature we will post to introduce riders in North America, how they contribute to the riding community and their unique stories.  – R.A.G. Staff

Those of us who ride don’t need to be reminded of why we ride or the vast variety of benefits to be experienced from doing what you truly enjoy, but every so often even the well-seasoned rider can be inspired by the story of another.

More than ever, women are riding their own and I believe a road paved by strong passionate women like Lady Fred inspire novice and virgin riders to challenge themselves to discover something new in the world and in that time discover themselves.  Women who ride their own are not recovering victims, but we are all champions of our own challenges.  It is those lessons and accomplishments that make us stronger.

I’m pleased to  introduce you to Lady Fred thru her own words.

_________________ “I’m happiest when my legs are around you.”  The “you” I am referring to is my 2005 HD Softail Heritage Classic, who I lovingly call Lobo.  My name is Lady Fred and the only thing I don’t like about riding is that I have to stop for gas; I just want to ride and never stop! michigan motorcycle toursI am a Proud American, single and peace-loving female biker who among other things is a picture taking, God and nature loving, art enthusiastic big kid in a Hippie Chick form.  =) I find beauty in so many things! When  we have the chance to meet, be prepared for a hug as I won’t let you get away without one.  I believe that hugging is a great way to pass love onto another and share  positive energy. For me, riding is my home and keeps me alive. Riding literally saved my life. I had a bike wreck in 2001 when a vehicle pulled out in front of me and I wasn’t able to ride for 2 years.  Those were very dark days for me, but once I was back in the saddle I became alive again.  It’s where I find my peace, my zen, and I am in touch with God, nature, and with myself. I love the feel of the wind on my skin, the smells, the views, I love it all!   And it continues to open up a wonderful world of opportunity to meet so many wonderful people to! I’m a picture nut and wear my camera around my neck as I ride so I don’t miss out on anything.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to see so many wonderful things and places in this great Country of ours!  I believe in giving back and paying it forward, and if we all would just take some time to help one person, what a wonderful world we would have! Before I bought my first ride, I would sneak out at thumb rides.  Even after I had my own place, I was still ‘sneaking’ out because my friends and my family would harp on me with very unkind words about the ‘type of girl’ that rides a bike. I kept my riding gear, boots, jeans & helmet, in the trunk of my car.  I would see a biker and follow them till they stopped and ask them if I could have a ride.  I remember how I would literally get sick to my stomach if there was a sunny day and I wasn’t able to thumb a ride. I moved to Ohio for a year and attended my first bike rally in 1992 and I never looked back.  I bought my first bike in 1994 and a whole new world opened up for me.  Women didn’t ride their own rides back then like we do now.  In 1999 I started the first all women motorcycle ride, the Chick Mystery Run.  I wanted to meet other women to ride with, show society that the image of riding was changing, and to raise money for women’s causes.  There were only 24 chicks on the ride and none knew any other women to ride with.  I still ride with some of those chicks this day but I gave the ride over to some trusted friends, Debbie Hoffman and Anne Cole who renamed the ride, the Chick Run Association and this will be the 15th year for the ride. In 2009 I had the chance to travel America and lived on the road for eight months pulling my life behind me in my toolbox trailer.  I have the fever for the road bad!  I am a very strong patriot and love my Country, I would visit the many Veteran Memorial’s along the way and still do.  It’s my way of saying Thank You and to let them know they are not forgotten. In 2010 I lived on the road again for two months and had the chance to ride Route 66 and fell in LOVE with it!  I understand why they call it the Mother Road, she literally had a heartbeat for me!  I loved all the different terrain she offers and the sights to see along the way as well. I’ve been to almost every city in Michigan and know where all the best back roads are to ride.  My friends would ask me to lay out routes for them.  I realized I was doing this more and more and thought why don’t I start my own touring company? So, I have started Michigan Motorcycle Tours.  I believe it is a good fit because I get to ride all the time, I get to share my BEAUTIFUL state with others, I get to meet new people and forge life-time friendships.  It’s a win, win for everyone! Bookmark or call me, 616-633-5797 and let’s ride!