3ebf1577587e8c3fc1a19fdea4feb185 I get a good smile when I hear of a gal packing for a first time motorcycle trip. It brings back memories on how I packed my first time too. On departure day I came downstairs with what was the equivalent of a 6 day stay at a beach resort. Curling irons, makeup case, six bras, 4 jeans and well, you can imagine the look on my old man’s face when he saw the bounty he would have to squeeze in. Needless to say my “must have” items were rejected. Over the years I have learned that it only matters that you get your body in the wind and forget about what you thought you would die without. I found that I can wash panties in the hotel sink, I can make a pair of jeans last five days and that my rain gear is more important than any amount of Maybelline. I am a hotel stay type of rider. My tips are for summer riding on a 5 day trip. Unless you may be going into 35 degree weather; ditch the chaps. decorative-lines-thin My New and Improved Must Haves are:
  • List of motorcycle laws in the states you are traveling.
  • Use tennis ball tubes for storing small items. Zip lock plastic bags for storage as well.
  • Tool Kit/First Aid Kit/Motorcycle Jumper Cables/Small Flashlight/Extra key/Pocket knife or multipurpose tool knife.
  • Cargo Net/Bungee Cords.
  • Small absorbent towel.       Hotel towels are not great.       I like the microfiber towels.
  • Separate wallet holder for your important identification papers as well as a list of medicines you take.. Besides having these on my person, I keep an extra set in the saddle bags.
  • Helmet (for those states that have helmet laws).
  • Set of clear glasses and extra sunglasses. Extra pair of /contacts/or Rx glasses..
  • Rain gear.
  • 2 bras and 4 panties. Take sport bras which pack easily and get used to washing your panties in a sink.
  • Extra pair of jeans/4 t-shirts/1 sweatshirt/4 pairs of socks/long sleeve shirt. Pair of long underwear. These can double as PJs.
  • Multipurpose headwrap. If your hair is long, pack one of the leather braid wrap too.
  • Motorcycle Jacket. Make sure your jacket has lots of pockets. You would be surprised how much you can pack your jacket with. Make sure you designate a space for your leathers so you can roll and pack it when not wearing.
  • Summer gloves. If you get caught in a rain storm, you will be grateful you have some hand protection.
  • Extra set of shoes like tennis shoes. Squeeze in a pair of flip flops. Your feet will love you after a long day in your boots.
  • Go Travel Size!
    • Small packet of tissue For use in bathrooms with no toilet paper.
    • Shampoo (For panty washing).
    • Leave In conditioner or hair oil. (Essential to get the tangles out).
    • Tooth paste, Floss and Tooth Brush.       Some have great little cases that you can store these in. Baby Wipes and baby powder.
  • Small travel brush and wide tooth comb. Wrap your hair bands around the handle.
  • Lip balm (with sunscreen).
  • Sunscreen. There are many brands that come in tubes and take up very little room.
  • Medications can be packed into tubes as well or use one of the medicine boxes that are flat so that they can be stored easily.
  • Mascara/lipstick/blush. Ditch the eye shadows and liners; the naturel look works best on bike trips. Tweezers:besides those pesky stray hairs, tweezers are great for removing bee stingers or slivers.
  • Extra phone charger.
decorative-lines-thin There are great many other ideas to pack your bike; I would love to hear your tips. Safe Travels!