Like Many of you, we have been looking for non-prescription ways to manage our aches and in some cases pains…  doTERRA oils have been a blessing to our health on so many levels…  pain, emotions, hormones, sleep, etc. And NOW the exciting News in September 2017 is that doTERRA International has released several new oils…  And Copaiba is one of those oils and here is a great article by John Leavitt, PHD about the Five Reasons Copaiba is Better than CBD Oil!
  1. Healing our body without the complications
  2. We know how BCP’s work, and they work well!
  3. Purity and potency
  4. Cost
  5. Legal and available right now!
Please read more about this here… Source: Five reasons Copaiba is better than CBD Oil – Hop to the Drop!   When you would like more information about essential oils, we invite you to Join us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or visit our blog at Open Road Essentials.     If you would like to Purchase some of the Copaiba [koh-pe-buh] Oil you can purchase now at our doTERRA site!      NOTE: doTERRA is a Wholesale Club, (like Sams Club or Costco), you are buying direct from the company, with all of the guarantees and quality.  And you with join our community to help you learn more about how these oils can help you and your family.     Ride Safe, Strong, and Smart! …Irish and Stormin