Product Review from the Road Hawgs by Chee and “Big Dog”

Hey there fellow Road Hawgs — We recently got to test some outstanding gear and we’d really like to tell you all about it.  IMA 504 Old School Flat Black GeminiWe really like it when we can review an outstanding product that does what it’s designed to do and absolutely, completely exceeds our expectations. We just received a piece of gear that works well in all kinds of weather. We’re talking about a great piece of gear called Second Face On riding mask.   This mask is outstanding.  It goes on very easily, does not fog, has great ventilation and protects your face incredibly well.   You can ride with this mask in weather from freezing cold to the warmest warm.  It is OUTSTANDING!!!  As comfortable as can be. 

Cold “One of my quirks is riding in the cold — I hate cold, but in living up north unfortunately cold is the one thing we get. I ride from March all the way to just before Christmas in December.   I have no issue with riding at 25 degrees.  Oh, and I’m not talking about going around the block.  I like to have my Christmas ride — just before the 24th of December — I go down for the evening into Chicago and ride around Michigan avenue and State street GM-Flat Black ABSV303enjoying the Christmas lights and decorations.  The last one I did was 27 degrees and a challenge on the expressway at 75 MPH.  You can bet that I have my cold weather gear on and then some.  But the best part is this mask; it keeps the cold air off your face. This mask also has an anti-fog lens that does NOT fog — it didn’t fog in any of the test I preformed on it. I went from –30 degree temps outside to a room that was at 70 degrees it did not fog up on me, not once, — I have tried to make it fog up repeatedly but to no avail,  it simply would not fog up.” Big Dog

Rain “This thing is outstanding!!! You can fly down the highway in a blazing rain and not get your face pelted!  The moisture will come in because of the ventilation, but it still does not fog up — man it is wonderful not to have to stop to wait for the storm to calm down so you can continue on.  The real test was when I got caught in St. Louis, Missouri on way down to Mississippi and I got hit by rain. Now we are not talking sprinkles here, were talking the Noah’s Ark type of rain storm, you know the gathering up of animals and getting ready to ship them out, kind of rain. GMWA530 Night Ghost(1)Mother Nature hit me continuously from the start of my run till the time I hit the southern coast of The Gulf of Mexico. This was another great test for the mask. Traveling at highway speeds and keeping up with traffic proved to be effortless. Yes, because of the ventilation holes, water did seep in but it was nothing compared to what it would have been like if I did not have the mask on.” Chee

HOT WEATHER — “The mask proved to be very comfortable. Traveling around the southern states, where the temps stay right around the upper 70’s to the lower 90’s year round, the mask did a great job of keeping the flying debris from hitting my face directly. Amazingly it helped me from losing control after I was hit numerous times during my night rides. I tested this by doing some night riding, and ended up hitting a swarm of unidentified flying insects on one of my runs. Every bug in the nation comes down here for Spring Break, mates and then stays for the rest of it’s life. Now without the drama, let’s just say it took two washings just to get the bug juice off my bike before it was finally clean enough to ride again. But, the mask saved me from the mass invasion and I was fully protected. If it were not for the occasional bug splatter on the lenses I would not have known that there were any insects out there. I know I keep talking about the ventilation, but surprisingly the mask was okay in the heat. I found out that there is an add-on called “cool cheeks” that you can order from them that is supposed to keep you cool when you’re riding in hot weather. I did not purchase or test them out but after this part of the test I can honestly say again that it was comfortable and I had no issues with it just the way it was.” Chee

TRANSITION LENS — “I really like the transition lens.  The lens adjusts from bright sun light to the dark very nicely.  You don’t have to wear sunglasses even in the brightest sun and the lens is as clear as a bell.  The field of vision is outstanding — you don’t feel like your peripheral is stunted at all.  I hate full face helmets for that reason and this is not like that at all.  I wear a half helmet — and this mask fits my face beautifully with my helmet on.   This is really an excellent piece of equipment that — really — any rider who wants some really good protection from the elements or road debris, weather, and bugs — should have.  You get what you pay for and this is worth every nickel, period.” Big Dog

CUSTOMER SERVICE — “I’d also like to state that the customer service is very good for this product as well.  As in all parts of business people come and go, especially with painters and folks that airbrush.  My first mask that was sent to me had a terrible paint job (new airbrush artist).  Second Face On took care of the mishap fully and wonderfully and was very gracious and apologetic.  My second mask came through absolutely perfect and spot on.  The paintwork with the mask is excellent.  So, again, if you are looking for facial protection from cold, rain and any other stuff that can come at ya and bang ya, try a Second Face On mask.” Big Dog

CONCLUSION — We give it 5 stars — If you want the protection of a full face helmet but can’t get yourself around the fish bowl feeling that you get from it. Now you have the very best of both worlds. Full face protection from everything Mother Nature can throw at you, comfort, options of colors, styles to fit what you like, and good customer service that stands behind their product.

We’re tell’n ya, you’ll wonder why you’ve gone this long without it.     If you would like more information about this product visit their website at Your comments and thoughts are welcomed on this and all articles we share on this site:  Be certain to join our FREE membership to receive the E-Newsletter “The Road Hawgs” and email updates on new posts and updates to this site!    Ride Safe, Hard and Smart…

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April 2013 Newsletter