For those who have traveled to Sturgis this is an elementary report, because there is something that just can’t be described about a road trip and all of the anticipation, wonder and even hurtles it can present. Our personal adventure this year did have us in the truck but caravaning with four trailers with five bikes and four more bikes on the road and in the lead we were able to haul enough gear, food and sleeping quarters for the whole crew for a week and assuming the alcohol lasts… after our campsite in Piedmont,  SD is covered we should only have souvenirs, cold brews on the road, ice and fuel as expenses. Food is expensive in Sturgis but not all together unaffordable. There are some great local options provided by smaller establishmebts and organizations like the Sturgis Masonic Center which posts a Pancake Breakfast for only $8 each and provides you with pancakes,scrambled eggs, sausage with coffee and juice. And just past Devils Tower out in Wyoming territory we found a little family store and cafe that provided a three piece fried chicken lunch with two sides and a drink for only $12. Delicious!! (And a nice change since we don’t have a deep fryer at the campsite…yet). After landing at our destination, we commenced wirh what I like to refer to as the regular cat hearding excercise, which includes several strong minded men and women attempting to organize anything with no specific plan or leader. The chaos doesn’t usually continue for too long and everything eventually comes together in what many find to be the envy of our camping neighbors. Complete with communal 20×20 tent with plenty of tables and chairs a screen room, designated bar and kitchen area are usually positioned near a water source if available and unlimited supply of coolers for ice and so much more… we’ll have to start sharing some ideas about camping and motorcycle camping for future posts. image I’ll share some ideas and comments from some of tent camper/bikers here in a future post. image Back to our adventures – We have the fortune of local friends who have organized scheduled rides with lead and cover for the first two days of 2015 visit the first taking our 25 bikes and give or take 40 friends over 150 or so beautiful miles through needles highway, Custer State Park (gotta see the buffalo “Tatonka”) a quick visit in Keystone with some shopping, refreshments and rest then back to Piedmont to our home away from home. 

Refreshments in Keystone

Our second day of rides had Wyoming bound thru Hulett and on to the Devils Tower.  A group shot at the Stonehouse Bar (out in the middle of nowhere,  and you cant be surprised how small our band of merry friends is, we ran into friends from back home and then back on the road. image Storms were forcasted but we are fearless and rode home around the storm catching only a fringe of the rain and getting back after a long full day in the wind. By now our International guests have seen Rushmore ( you know the four heads in the mountain) and the Buffalo at Custer State Park. They’ve riden Needles Hwy and visited Wyoming but they were itching for their Sturgis Downtown Experience so off they went into the night and although is it was surprisingly quiet they rolled back in after 2am and well… lets just say what happens in Sturgis stays in Sturgis. (You know what Im talking about…)  image image image Over the many years it seems that there are so many fringe parties in play during the bike rally that the crowds of yesterday are a memory. image There are so many amazing roads , destinations and small towns who welcome the riders of the rally that we find we are spending more time outside of downtown Sturgis and more time on the road.

And for shits and giggles this happened

We toured in to Sturgis this morning first thing and shopped by storm and got out before the heat and the crowds. Tonight we have a private party gathering with our Widows Sons Brothers and their Ladies here in Sturgis and are joined by a group of the “Weasels” a self proclaimed drinking club with a motorcycle problem. Till tomorrow.