6__x_anamosa-signFather’s Day weekend was one of the only weekends I could grab the Zen Biker, get out on a road trip and take a little time to ourselves. His daughter suggested that we ride west to Iowa and visit the Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa Iowa. Not travelling out there for several years but enjoying my trip I agreed enthusiastically. decorative-lines-thin The sleepy town of Anamosa, in the heart of Jones County Iowa has always been a destination for bikers that want a scenic route and interesting sites. I was very surprised and pleased at the changes that Anamosa has made as well as how welcoming to the biker community! There are great places to stay and eat but I am compelled to give a huge nod to one specific restaurant and hotel. decorative-lines-thin

AmerInn ExteriorPulling into the AmericInn at 101 Harley Avenue at Rte 151 or for those GPSing (13225 Circle Drive), we were soaked from head to toe by the torrential rains that poured on us! We were met at the door by the hotel employees with a stack of towels to not only get our hair dried but to wipe down our bikes. Who does that!?! Couple that with every wall decoration dedicated to the art of motorcycling, we felt we were welcomed with open arms. I contacted the hotel manager Jennifer Koopman and she said that since opening the doors on June 6, 2009 they have always catered to the motorcycling community and love having them there! The rooms are comfy, the staff friendly and the best biscuits and gravy in the AM that you ever tasted! This is a definite must stay place! Click here for info or give Jennifer a call at 319-462-4119

decorative-lines-thin Looking for a place to eat after 9 pm is never an easy task regardless of where you are in the U.S.A. Most restaurants close at 10pm and are not too happy to fire up the flat top so many bikers are stuck eating roller dogs or worse. Tyler & Downers Eatery right at 122 East Main Street was not only were happy to see us walk thru the door at 9:45pm but treated us as if we were best buds! The servers are friendly and more than willing to go through the menu pointing out their favorites even though they must have had a long day! ribsNothing but smiles from them! The menu has something for every culinary tastes even the difficult ones like the Zen Biker’s. The Downing Family has been in business in Anamosa for over 100 years.  Started as a butcher shop, this location used to be the town’s only market! Now repurposed as a restaurant, every wall and tin ceiling was restored to historical accuracy. The owner/chef Dirk Downing, chef, owner and the newest Downing generation owner, stopped by our table and discussed getting the best shrimp in Iowa and how he really enjoys chatting with out of town bikers. Very welcoming and hysterically funny, this man puts his heart and soul into bringing the best to your table. Highly recommend the Chef’s Tuscan Soup and since you are in the land of the hog; you have to sample one of their pork dishes. Be warned the Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich equals 3 full size pork chops! Healthy choice of beers and microbrews on tap this eatery boasts a very complete bar. Click here, for the menu and directions to this awesome restaurant!  And what did the Zen Biker settle on? All you can eat steamed monster sized shrimp! When you go, tell them R.A.G. sent you! decorative-lines-thin

IMG_30131-1024x439The new and improved National Motorcycle Museum is 4,000 sq ft of motorcycles, artwork, classic history, and beautiful new motorcycle pin striping and tank designs. Open in 1989 and relocated a few years ago, the National Motorcycle Museum boasts of some of rarest motorcycles in the world!  The cost is $10 p/p and well worth the hours you spend there. Scattered throughout the area, there are videos detailing history of the motorcycles and people behind them. I was honored to get a personal tour from one of the museums’ art curators Ric Stewart of Westerville Ohio. Being a sculptor of limited bronze works himself, Ric described each of the paintings and sculptors giving a history and location of the artists.Museum Several female artists were showcased along with the other extensive collections and I am encouraged to see so many of our young riders expressing themselves this way. Definitely something you have to visit. Grant Cushman, one of the leads in the museum, can guarantee a “one of a kind” experience.  Riders will be pleased at the changes the museum has made. The location of the museum is 102 Chamber Drive Anamosa Iowa. Click here for more info on hours and events.

decorative-lines-thin If you are coming from Illinois you can take the straight route on Rte 64 that has breathtaking hilly views or sneak up on Rte 30 and connect to Anamosa that way. Any way in to Anamosa is a wonderful trip thru beautiful farmlands that are not, contrary to public belief, “flat’ and boring. There are many little towns along the way and the destination finger of direction is pointing to Anamosa!