Getting fit and Staying fit to Ride Safe


As we look forward to the upcoming riding season many of us have experienced or are anticipating another birthday.  And a quick jog up a short set of stairs recently and Stormin’s 50th birthday have reminded me that although we feel young, we are not getting any younger.

When considering this year’s annual spring diet and all of the dreaded sugar sacrifices a plan like that entails I discovered a simple yet accurate statement by a fellow rider on the internet which has challenged our perspective about what we eat and why… he said “You probably don’t put shit in your bikes fuel tank, so why would you put shit in your body?”  

me and joe joe cropped

Wow!  We don’t scrimp on maintaining our bikes with the best fuels, oil and maintenance!  And we are always confident that any of our bikes will get us there and home…  

…So why don’t we take care of ourselves?  

It’s no wonder we have aches and pains and run a little sluggish.

What a great question!  This has really helped us to look at this annual misery of the spring diet in a different light.  Our new course of action is not going to be a seasonal diet plan (only to be broken when convenient) but a new maintenance schedule for a couple of the most important machines in our stable.    

Keep your bike tuned… Keep the rider tuned up!!   

This will be an ongoing post about some great ideas I have discovered to use and share with others, as well as our own progress.  Consider this another tool in your toolbox to tune yourselves to be the best riders, and healthiest you can be.

Please share this with your friends, add your comments, share your stories and follow our own process and progress over the upcoming weeks and months to keep your personal “rider” tuned up for riding now and all year round.

Ride Safe, Hard and Smart…  – Jen