guest-bloggers-wantedContributions do make us what we are and the Riding Community has some of the finest and talented people we know. With the new Riding Season fast approaching and our expansion to reach out to more riders, there are new adventures, roads, destinations and food joints to discover and review throughout North America. Once again we welcome guest contributors to our site to continue to share relevant content to the riding community across North America.   Our Regional Calendars and State listings of businesses, Motorcycle Organizations and Travel Destinations offer so many subjects to write about. Who better to share the stories and wisdom of the road to riders than the riders from the road. So let your creative juices roar!   What’s New?RAG app image In 2014, our first quarter updates to the website will give guest contributors access to post via a WordPress Blog site App, desktop/laptop or both!!! And to keep everyone current on the latest updates, reviews and features our site users/riders will receive Monthly E-Newsletters and FREE downloads to our Mobile R.A.G. App giving them full access to our Event Calendar and Mapping features!!!   Come on now-  That is Exciting!   beaver and laptopWhat Should you write about? Content Articles and Reviews for Rider Activity Guide should focus on activities, motorcycle tourism, scenic roads, biker friendly destinations and motorcycle organizations and businesses.  Information should be relevant and timely not historical about a past event from last weekend.  Of course, “Reviews” will always describe a past experience at a destination, food joint/watering hole or product and that is expected.  We encourage articles which provide information, directions and hyper-links if possible so riders can plan a trip or day ride adventure to discover what has been shared. Posts to “Roads And Grub”, “Travel & Touring”, “Safety & Maintenance” or “Local Benefits” are preferred; however we welcome content from any enthusiast who would like to share a topic relevant to the motorcycle community. All posts must be original and have unique information.  We reserve the right to edit for spelling and grammar and image placement.  Please include your full contact information and a link or summary of a personal bio. We’re looking for guest posts of at least 500 words that are motorcycle related and include at least one (1) photo relevant to your topic. (Photos or images must be a .jpg format and a minimum of 550 px wide) Please submit your articles and images via email to We are Not a National Rally Site although we will always have information and links to those events available to our audience and do not discourage a Rally Review articles.  R.A.G.’s Regional Calendars of local events, runs and parties are every day of every week of the riding season and we are actively encouraging all to post their events summary with us for FREE on the site. As a Grass Roots Resource, R.A.G. reaches out to regular individual hard working riders and motorcycle organizations alike to provide riders with information to keep them safe and riding for many happy miles. We are happy to help share your information with riders, after all what would we be without our content.  Our Mission is to provide a timely and relevant resource to the riding community and Reviews and Articles from experienced riders like yourself will help our Grassroots Efforts Grow. Advertising Promotion and Commission opportunities are available.   Ride Safe, Hard, and Smart…. joe and jen cropped and editIrish and Stormin’   Please share this with your brothers, sisters, friends and family!

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