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 How Do You Start A Motorcycle Club?

Starting a motorcycle club may not be as simple as you think.  Starting a club is considered an insult to the existing clubs.  There is a hierarchy of clubs, it starts with the dominate 1% club in the area, then the rest of the 1% clubs in the area, then the regular 99% MC clubs, then you have riding clubs and associations, last you have groups. You need to do some research and understand the etiquette of the biker community.  If you want to start a club you need to be sure there is no existing club with the same goals as you have for yours. The first thing to do is to get your initial members together, and find out who the dominate club is in your area. They may have an organization to handle the lesser clubs. You also need to get game plan together and figure out what kind of club you plan to have and why you feel it is needed in your area. Then you need to contact the dominate club or the council that over see area clubs and request a meeting.  Be respectful, and if things don’t work out that may be the end of it or you maybe able to handle things to work things out.  But you can not force the issue.  You are dealing with people who put their club first and live to be a biker, its not something most people understand.  It also holds true for joining new clubs, they may not have gone about it the right way and could be a target for 1% or even dominate clubs. so do you research.  The best thing to do is get out there and meet people, networking can get you far in this community. What Is The Difference Between A Motorcycle Club And A Riding Club? This is a general answer as there is no 100% definition of either. For the most part, a riding club does not require you to prospect or earn a patch. Generally you send in x amount of money, and they send you a patch. You can be as active or inactive as you please as there is no commitment. In an MC, the patch belongs to the club, you prospect or probate for the right to wear the clubs patch. The commitment level in an MC is much higher than that in an RC.  What Is Club Organization Structure? The structure below is a sample outline and may or may not apply to all clubs, organizations, or associations.

Principal Officers Executive Committee – There shall be five voting officers for each chapter; President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant-at-Arms. These officers make up the executing committee. The Road Captain shall serve on the Executive Committee as a non voting member, except while serving as an alternate.

Eligibility– Any Active Member may run for office. Nominations are not required to run for any principal office. Any Active Member may become a candidate by simply stating their intention to do so at the October or November monthly meeting. A member may not run for more than one office at a time.

Elections -Elections of principal officers shall be held at the December monthly meeting. In order to allow for an orderly transition of administrations, the newly elected slate shall assume office at the Annual Meeting. All principal officers shall be elected by a plurality vote. A member may not hold more than one office at a time.

Term of Office – All principal officers shall be elected for a term of one year.

Special Election – In the event that the current elected officer is no longer able to perform their duties, a special election for that position shall be held to fill that position at the next monthly meeting.

Impeachment – A writ of impeachment against any officer may be submitted by any active member at a regular meeting. This writ must be signed by at least three Active Members of the chapter and must list the charges as the basis for the writ. All Active Members in the chapter must be informed of the writ prior to any impeachment vote. In order to allow the officer in question an opportunity to prepare a statement concerning the charges against them, a special shall be scheduled for action on the writ no less than three, no more than seven , days following the submission of the writ. Prospects are prohibited from attending this meeting, unless required to give testimony to support the writ or to support the officer in question as a witness. Impeachment requires a 2/3 majority vote of all Active Members in the chapter. Any disciplinary action besides the impeachment will be decided upon by the remaining officers within 7 days of the impeachment vote.

Duties and Authority:

President – The President is the CHAIRMAN of the Executive Committee and the Chief Executive Officer of the club chapter. All matters concerning relations between the club and any outside person or organization should be routed to the President for appropriate action. The President or his delegate shall assume the Chair at all chapter meetings. He is responsible for controlling the meeting and keeping order. If necessary, the Chair may utilize the services of the Sergeant-at-Arms to aid in keeping order. The Chair may not make or second any motion, and may only vote on questions where their vote would affect the outcome, as in making or breaking a tie vote, or on ballot questions. Vice-President – The Vice-President shall coordinate all committees and supervise plans for all club events. The Vice-President shall act as an intermediary between the President and the Members and Prospects. All questions or comments concerning any club business not specifically related to the duties of the other officers should be brought to directly to his attention. Additionally, the Vice- President is the Second-in-Command to the President, and shall assume all responsibilities and duties of the President in their absence. Secretary  – The Secretary is responsible for making and keeping all club chapter records. Membership List, Chapter Bylaws, Rules of Order, Standing Rules, Records of all committee appointments, all written reports, copies of all correspondence between the club and any outside person or organization, Meeting Minutes. He is responsible for calling roll at the meetings. The Secretary must notify Active Members of special or emergency meetings, and must notify all the members of any appointments or elections in their absence. Treasurer – The Treasurer keeps all the funds of the club chapter. All un-issued Club Colors and Patches, as well as a record of colors, patches, or reproductions thereof issued to members. He may disburse funds to pay expenses as prescribed in the Standing Rules. The Treasurer must keep an accurate record of all income and expenses. He is required to report the fiscal status of the club at each regular meeting for the information of the members. He must submit a written annual report to the Executive Committee at the Annual Meeting. Sergeant-at-Arms – The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for ensuring that the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the club are not violated. He is responsible to insure that the orders of the Executive Committee are carried out in an expeditious manner. He is responsible for policing and keeping order at all club events, except as noted under the Duties of the Chairman. He may conscript members to aid in keeping order on their own authority. He has the responsibility to the club to report any unseemly behavior of incident to the Executive Committee. He is responsible for securing any patches or colors from any member who retires, resigns, or is expelled. The SAA is responsible for the safety and security of the club, as well as the protection and defense of its members and prospects. He shall keep and maintain a record of all data pertinent to the safety and security of the club and it’s members and prospects. Upon becoming aware of any real or perceived threat to the club, its Members, Prospects, or events, he shall immediately notify the Executive Committee of that information. Road Captain – The Road Captain is responsible for all club runs. He shall research, plan, and organize all runs. During actual time on the road or at intermediate stops during a run, he shall act as the ranking club officer, deferring only to the President or Vice-President if either of them are present, and only then for matters involving persons outside the club. He shall supply the Secretary with any information required to notify outside agencies of impending club runs in a timely manner.  

Some Sound Advise from many in the motorcycle community – If your thinking about starting your own Club, do your research. If you have not been involved in a club, instead of starting your own Club, try joining an existing Club first. There is a lot more to being a Biker and living the Biker Lifestyle than throwing a patch on your back and bar hopping with your buddies. Educate yourself. Educating yourself means living the lifestyle and being a part of the Biker Community. You may decide belonging to a Club isn’t for you.

For those who are just looking for the comradery and brotherhood of being a part of the motorcycle community, there are organizations such as the AMA (American Motorcycle Association), H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group), and others. Thanks to New York Biker online at