A Groovy Ride with Lady Fred – Leaving Hobart, IN and Michigan City, IN bound


I enjoyed my stay in Hobart, IN.  “Ace” Kylee Nichole was kind enough to let me crash at her place for the past couple of days, EVEN tho she left yesterday to go on VK.  I tell ya, it really is amazing how people I just meet will open their homes and lives up to me.  Tells me that the Lord is working through me that makes me very happy.  It’s heart warming to say the least.  I arrived at Ace’s Thur night and went for a ride with her, “Joules”, Julie Stump.  They both ride with the Devil Dames MC. 


I meet the Devil Dames when they came to MI for the Chick Run Associations ride early in June of this year.  Another friend of theirs Jen Yanta that I meet on my last visit joined us.  Joules is a Virgo baby as well with her bday being on 09-01 and mine on 09-12.  We had an early bday celebration and had a blast.  They took me to Moods Bar and I meet another friend of theirs, Karen Slaggs.  We hung out there for a spell and then went to the Sportsmans and meet another Devil Dame, “Flash” Terry Parker.  It was really good seeing her again. They had a DJ who really knew what she was doing!  She played a nice variety of music and we had a blast dancing and being silly, both things I enjoy a lot!  Fun Fun Fun night!


Friday night, I enjoyed a ride with yet more Devil Dames, “Moxie” Mary Stump, “Slim” Teresa Lawhead,  “TuTu” Vicki BruBaker.  We went to Santigo’s in Porter, IN for Mexican last night.  TuTu’s hubby, Denny meet us at the restaurant.  I lost my GPS battery when crossing some railroad tracks as I forgot to grab the battery cover, as I had been charging it.  Happy to share that I did remember to bring a spare along!  Very light rain drops started just as we arrived at the restaurant with the sun in the sky.  A lady shared that it had just poured there.  Low and behold, there was a rainbow in the sky!!!  I tried to get a pic with my cell phone but it didn’t turn out.  Got one with my camera but no time to post.  It really was a beautiful sight!  Once inside the sky opened up and boomers and lighting where filling the sky.  I love storms!  We were also right next to some railroad tracks and enjoy trains as well.  I had a good view of the storm and the trains, good company and meal.  I love spending time with these ladies, they are wonderful, wonderful people!  Tx Moxie for paying for dinner! What a wonderful surprise! 


And the timing couldn’t of been better! When we were ready to roll again, the rain had stopped!  We took the same route home to see if we could find my battery but didn’t get that lucky.  They offered to pull over and walk the area but there was no safe place to pull over so I declined.  I was very touched that the Devil Dames were willing to do that for me!  Those buggers are expensive and you can only get them on line.  We were almost home and the sky started to sprinkle on us.  Nothing more than a little moisture.  Not a bad ride considering the forecast said 90% rain and we just had a little moisture on us, not bad at all! 


Again, I feel the Lord made sure we were able to enjoy a nice ride! =)  I was thankful for some alone time as I didn’t get all my tshirts orders processed before needing to head out so I finished those up and did paper work.  I also don’t get a chance to watch TV as I don’t own one.  She had Netflix and I love that show “Once Upon A Time”.  So I binge watched several episodes as I just ‘relaxed’ for the first time in 7 months!  It was WONDERFUL!!!!!! Today I’m packing up and heading over to Michigan City, IN.  I’ll be staying with my friend, Hwy Man at his cabin.   No clue what our day will be, just looking forward to seeing him again.  Good man, good company.  Time to pack Wyatt, hook up Lobo and ride!  Have a groovy one!  ….. Rock it down! …… Poof!

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