Hall of Fame Press Release

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame thanks its supporters, sponsors and “Mr. Daytona” himself, Scott Russell, for helping make the 25th Annual Yamaha AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Breakfast at Daytona, presented by Motul, a successful fundraising event. Russell, who has won the Daytona 200 five times, was the featured speaker at the event.

http://gallery.americanmotorcyclist.com/Motorcycle-Hall-of-Fame/2013-Breakfast-at-Daytona/i-pqQjMjH/0/X3/IMG_0108-X3.jpg  “The history of American motorcycling is rich with great stories and fascinating moments, and Scott Russell has contributed more than his fair share to that heritage,” said Jeffrey V. Heininger, chairman of the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation, which directs the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. “We thank Scott for sharing his stories with us, and we thank the hundreds of supporters who helped make the 25th anniversary of this great event a success.” In addition to his Daytona 200 victories, Russell won the AMA Superbike Championship in 1992 and the World Superbike Championship in 1993. He also holds three AMA 750 Supersport titles. Russell will always be linked to the Daytona 200, an event he won in 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 1998. “For whatever reason, and I don’t know why, every time, I just knew I was going to win the Daytona 200 when I turned off the interstate onto U.S. 92 in Daytona on race weekend,” said Russell, who was interviewed by Ben Cheatwood at the event. “There’s just something about this place that always clicked for me.” The breakfast kicked off with an introduction by Bob Starr, general manager, motorsports communications, of Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S. “All of us at Yamaha were truly honored to be part of the AMA Breakfast this past week recognizing the tremendous career and achievements of Yamaha Daytona champion, ‘Mr. Daytona,’ Scott Russell,” Starr said. “As I said during his introduction, we are, indeed, proud to have Scott as a lifelong member of the Yamaha family of legendary champions and couldn’t be more pleased that he continues to give back to the sport that we all love!” Motul Lubricants, one of Russell’s longtime sponsors, was the presenting sponsor for the event. “The breakfast was a fantastic opportunity to support the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame and to honor a living legend and old friend,” said Motul President Dave Wolman. “Scott’s humorous and down-to-earth personality made the interview and event a huge success for all attendees. Bob Starr’s intro and Ben Cheatwood’s interview were perfect. The question-and-answer session with the audience was great, and the autograph session topped off the morning. These events for us who have been involved in motorcycling for decades are unique, reminiscing on past memories, preserving them, while making new ones at the same time. Outstanding!” To view a gallery of photos from the Yamaha AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Breakfast at Daytona, presented by Motul, see www.motorcyclemuseum.org. About the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation Founded in 1990 by the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation, the goal of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum is to tell the stories and preserve the history of motorcycling. Located on the campus of the American Motorcyclist Association in Pickerington, Ohio, the Museum’s three major exhibition halls feature the machines and memorabilia of those who have contributed notably to the sport. The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to motorcycling, including those known for their contributions to road riding, off-road riding and all categories of racing, as well as those who have excelled in business, history, design and engineering. More information can be found at www.motorcyclemuseum.org.