Parts Feature written for Countyline Publications and printed in Wisconsin and Illinois Biker Information Guide– third quarter 2011 Ron Olson, Owner Milwaukee Cycle Supply & Salvage When doing a bike build you may be looking to swap out forks, wheels , shocks or……….. There is no master list for bikes stating what parts will interchange.  With the explosion of the web there are many forums discussing the interchange of parts. The best way to find out about what may work for you is on the forums, you will be able to gain from the knowledge and experience that others have gained from trial and error. On rims the trend is to change from cast wheels to spoked wheels, and larger diameters in the front. Some model bike offered both cast and spoked wheels in the same year, for those of you lucky enough to have picked one of these for your project conversion will be easy, you may still need to change over brake rotors even though they where in the same model year.  To change over other rims you will need to measure the axle diameter, hub with, rim diameter and rim with, then start the long journey of comparing. You can also go to a cycle parts store and ask to look at the cycle reference sheets which list the wheel, chain and sprocket sizes for 99% of Japanese cycles, this will give you a list of bikes which will have the wheel size you are looking for then you will need to compare axle size and hub width. When you are changing out your rear wheel the sprocket on the wheel will most likely  not match the drive sprocket on the motor. If you know the inner sprocket diameter, the diameter and number of bolts holding the sprocket to the hub, the bolt circle diameter, number of teeth you want and the size of the chain you will be using with the motor a special sprocket can be made to work with your new rear wheel and your motor at about twice the cost of a standard sprocket. When you are changing out the front forks you can go after the complete assembly with triple trees and steering stem in which case you need to compare steering stem size to find your match which is a long process. If you are looking to change out the fork tubes you can start by looking at fork seals in parts books to make a list forks that have the same seal size as yours, they would have the best chance of fitting in your triple trees. Shocks are much easier to swap out, you may be looking to convert from air shocks to coil over shocks for the old school look. You will need the distance between the bolts holding the shock to the bike and the mounting style of the shock. You can fish on the forums for the answers you are looking for or bring your ideas, sketches and old parts to a place like Milwaukee Cycle where we have 23,000 sq ft of parts and you are able to compare and measure to get the right parts. Milwaukee Cycle has been serving bikers since 1987. We are under new ownership, listening to our customers and bringing to the store what they are asking for. We invite you to come in and help shape the riders store.